Wanda Michelle Interiors Wood You Believe It?

Wood You Believe It?

Waterfall Country Estate

Wood You Believe It?

If you’ve been feeling hemmed in by your glass, concrete and steel surroundings, you’re probably in need of a good outdoor holiday. You might also consider adding more natural elements to your home. Here we look at how Wanda Michelle Interiors incorporated timber into modern environments.

Besides being beautiful, wood provides a sense of warmth, texture and homeliness. It’s also a versatile material which can be used in furniture, counters, artworks, wall panelling and many other applications. We’ll give you some ideas of how to do just that with style and elegance.

Dining room furniture is probably where most of us think of using wood. Long, lazy lunches, bright breakfasts and festive dinners all just seem better on a great wooden table. It works well to continue the wood in the legs or trim of the surrounding chairs.

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These examples show how the type of wood used can influence the feel of the room. The light, chunky [wood] above creates a laid-back and convivial atmosphere, despite the obvious weight of the table. While in the image below, the dark and uniform wood seems somehow more formal, while blending in just as well with the surroundings.

Waterfall Country Estate

For an even more natural look, one can add timber to the floors. Here we have ensured that there is a great unifying effect between the wooden elements of this dining area.

Of course, there’s no reason to stick to the floors – reach for that ceiling with wooden beams for a light, airy atmosphere. In this example, at least three types of wood are used: painted beams criss-cross the ceiling space; the bed and floors are comprised of light, solid wood; while the door and skirting add a final wooden touch with varnished wood.

Waterfall Country Estate

Some interiors use wood even more boldly. You can see just how well the wooden trim in this space pulls the elements of the room together. Your décor choices should take account of the type and shade of wood you intend using to help create this type of harmony.

Meyersdal lounge

Other designs put the wood at the centre of the styling. Well-made cabinets and wooden panelling impart a sense of luxury and warmth. The darker the wood, the greater effect this has, as displayed in this exquisite home. One can almost smell the rich wood.

Main Lounge - Wanda Michelle Interiors

However, even lighter varieties can add something that plain, painted walls just can’t offer. Panelling provides texture, interest and a nice counter-balance to technology, art and metal, as seen in this living area.

Oakwood lounge - Wanda Michelle Interiors

Finally, wood is just at home in other rooms. Once again it is beautifying stylish kitchens as many choose the softer, friendlier element over the clean but often sterile materials that have been so popular over the last decade or two,

Oakwood kitchen in Johannesburg - Wanda Michelle Interiors

The natural beauty of wood can simply be used everywhere in your home, including bars, bedrooms and bathrooms. The pictures below capture some of the versatility and charm of this design material.

Walk In Cupboard - Wanda Michelle Interiors

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Do remember that the trade in illegal timber is one of our planet’s biggest criminal and ecological issues. Ensure that you source and use only verified sustainable products in your home.

Unique Oakwood bedroom - Wanda Michelle Interiors