Wanda Michelle Interiors What To Expect From An Interior Designer

What To Expect From An Interior Designer

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What To Expect From An Interior Designer

There are many components that go into an interior design project. Whether it’s a big or small change, if you’re not experienced in this field, it can end up costing you a lot more than what you anticipated, and potentially take double the time to complete.

This is where working with a professional interior design company can work in your favour. Through doing this, they can assist you to uncover interior design solutions you thought were never possible. This is only one of the many benefits of working with a reputable interior design company such as Wanda-Michelle Interior Designs. Some of the benefits include:


Even though the industry is small, the Wanda-Michelle Interior Design team have worked hard to not only build their reputation but also to grow their approved list of vendors. Some of these include contractors, electricians, plumbers and general construction companies. They have also created their own network of trustworthy suppliers who can offer them competitive pricing on things they need to complete the project.


Sometimes a small idea for a particular space requires a big change. Through working with a reputable company, they can source all the help required to complete the project, from start to finish. This means you don’t need to hire any additional help such as building contractors yourself. Through using the approved vendors, you also won’t have to worry about the quality of workmanship you receive, as they have all been vetted by the team at Wanda-Michelle Interiors.


When making changes in your home, sometimes visualising the look you’re wanting to achieve can be difficult, but when using a professional company, they’ll have the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to help you bring your vision to life, as well as to advise you on whether your idea is feasible or not.


Management - Wanda Michelle Interiors

With two decades of experience within the interior design industry, the team at Wanda-Michelle have ensured they remain ahead of their competition by regularly refining the way in which they work. For a project to be successful, it requires high levels of attention to detail, patience and organisational skills. Here’s what you can expect when working with the team:

  1. The initial consultation – before any project commences, an interior designer will meet with you to discuss your requirements, your ideal budget and complete a viewing of the space you’re looking to redesign.

This assists the team in putting together rough drafts of what the project entails, as well as the manner in which to contract. drawing up the initial terms and conditions for the project. The reason for doing this upfront is to ensure expectations can be managed from both the client’s side as well from the interior designer and her team.

  1. The concept presentation – After contracting, this presentation will outline what the interior designer has visualised for your space.
  2. This presentation will include samples of selected flooring, cabinetry style, ceiling designs, selected lighting options, furniture and paint.

On approval of the concept presentation, an indicative budget will also be presented to you. This is done to outline what the potential costs of the project will be.

  • Finalising project costs – Before the project can commence, the interior designer will work with you to finalise the project costing. This is done by working through each detail of your finishes and signing off on the design. Should there be any elements you’re unhappy with or wish to change, the interior design will first source other options and present their costing before commencing.
  • The initial deposits – Depending on the finishes you’ve agreed to, your initial deposit for the project will need to be paid. In addition to this, if you’ve decided to use bespoke furniture and other items, they will have to be ordered at this stage, as these items could take anywhere from 8 – 12 weeks from the time the order is placed to delivery.
  • Project Management – When the team is ready to commence work, the interior designer will assist with project managing the installation of all products within the approved budget. This will ensure one line of communication with suppliers and ensuring everything required to complete the makeover arrive and are installed as and when they should be.
    As part of this, the interior designer will see that all soft finishes are implemented as well. Things such as decor, art and rugs will also be installed. Should it be required, the team will assist with the sorting, stocking and styling of your cupboards to ensure that the function of your new space is efficient.
  • The project handover – Once the project has been completed, the team will host an unveiling event. This allows the designer to present the finished product to the client and demonstrate how the new makeover will benefit them in the way in which they ‘run’ their household.
  • Final handover – As part of closing off the project, a detailed list will be issued to the client. This list holds the contact information, warranties, guarantees and instructions regarding all new pieces of furniture and equipment purchased. Should any repair work need to be conducted, the client can simply refer to this document instead of having to find their own repairman.


This detailed process ensures all expectations and deliverables are managed effectively and that your interior design project is completed successfully. With almost two decades of experience within the industry, Wanda-Michelle Interiors are known for their high levels of attention to detail and innovative thinking.

The team take pride in what they do, which allows them to create unique and sophisticated spaces for all their clients, as is evidenced by stunning projects already completed.

Are you ready to have your space transformed? Contact the team at Wanda-Michelle today and they will be available to answer any questions you may have about taking the first step into the makeover you’ve been dreaming about.


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