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Hospitality interior Design

Designed to evoke the natural splendour of the environment, we used muted colours and unobtrusive elements to create a comfortable and stylish space.

Wanda Michelle Interiors LODGE OKUTI

Hotel Room Interior

In the rooms, we wanted to create a space where guests would feel relaxed. Our natural colour palette came through the interior through our use different shades of beige and brown. This was incorporated with the white bedding, bedside tables, dresser and the stone coffee table.

We took full advantage of the natural lighting coming into the room through the dome-shaped window and patio door, by placing the bed near it, which allows guests to drink in the natural beauty surrounding them. To give the room more depth, we incorporated a few patterned pieces, namely the scattered cushions, armchair and rugs.

Wanda Michelle Interiors LODGE OKUTI

Hotel Bathroom Interior

Rustic meets modern in this semi-tented bathroom. The focal point for the bathroom is the stone bath and lanterns. Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening relaxing here? The rustic element comes through in the tables, which were carefully selected to complement the space and ensure the depth from the bedroom which feeds into the bathroom.
Wanda Michelle Interiors LODGE OKUTI

Hotel Outdoor Interior

Our client wanted a space where guests could retire in absolute comfort for the afternoon after a morning safari. We took the natural colour palette used throughout the resort and its outdoors to create this space. The day beds and recliners have been given life with patterned scatter cushions and throws.
Wanda Michelle Interiors LODGE OKUTI

Hotel Patio Interior

The hotel Patio area also had its makeover. This semi-sheltered space is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy cocktails in-between activities. The marble coffee and side table have been hand made specifically for the resort, to fully capture the natural beauty.
Wanda Michelle Interiors LODGE OKUTI

Hotel lounge Area

In the hotel room, we created a separate seating area for guests. If you’re not on the patio enjoying your morning coffee or reading a book, the lounge would be the next best place. Bringing a splash of colour into the space, we’ve hung paintings of the wildlife sited near the resort, which is complemented by the white and blue striped throw.

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The lodge’s unique design allowed us to utilise maximum inspiration within a limited spatial area, and the result speaks for itself.


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