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Wanda Michelle Interiors CAMPS BAY

Camps Bay: Langaro Wellness Space and Lifestyle Centre

This client asked us to create a space which would pamper your mind, body and soul on all levels.

Wanda Michelle Interiors CAMPS BAY

Waiting Area Interior

We wanted the waiting area to set the tone for the experience clients were about to have. We gave the waiting area a facelift to incorporate more natural colours and to create depth. The welcome desk was custom made for the space, to create its own focal point alongside the spiral staircase with its water feature. 

The consultation room has been designed for maximum comfort using knitted ottomans and chairs. To give the room depth, we added a soft rug and finished the space with an oval-shaped coffee table and curated paintings.

Wanda Michelle Interiors CAMPS BAY

Spa Room Interior

Each treatment room had custom white cabinets and different colour countertops installed while keeping the overall colour of the rooms neutral. We also installed a few curated paintings to give the rooms a splash of colour. In the laser treatment room, we installed additional shelving to put top products on display under down-lighting to illuminate them. 

Adjacent to some of the treatment rooms is a patio area where clients can relax in-between their treatments.  The colour scheme was carried through to this area, with the addition of grey furniture on the deck.

Wanda Michelle Interiors CAMPS BAY

Pedicure Station Interior

The pedicure station in the nail bar has been designed to complete the entire treatment without the therapist having to move. We had custom units made to include a foot basin and a chair for the therapist which doubles as a handy storage unit for their tools. Each unit allows guests to stay connected as they are fitted with their own plug point. Whether a group or individual booking, the curtains between each pedicure station were strategically placed to offer some privacy during the treatment.
Wanda Michelle Interiors CAMPS BAY

Shop Interior

It’s not often you get a beauty salon that has its own store. It’s for this reason we wanted to make this space attractive. As the store is visible from the street, we carried the colour scheme from the salon into the store with soft shades of beige, brown and white. We installed a custom storage unit which doubles as the pay station. In order to give the room more depth, glass shelving was installed for display pieces under warm white down-lights.

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We envisaged an environment that would not only pamper your mind and body but your soul! Utilising whites and other soothing colours in the palette, this exquisite space makes you want to linger, longer.


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