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We always look to achieve certain qualities when embarking on the design of a leisure environment.

We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives and market/demographics, to achieve certain qualities when embarking on the design of a hospitality or leisure environment. Comfort, flow and functionality are at the forefront of our design, while ensuring the space evokes interest. The team remains on your project from ideation until completion, to ensure the highest design standards are incorporated.

Wanda Michelle Interiors Hospitality


Designed to captivate the natural splendor of the environment, we made use of muted colors and unobtrusive elements to create a space that is comfortable and stylish. Through the creation of various focal points, we upgraded the lodge to ensure it had an uncluttered feeling throughout. The unique approach we took allowed us to use maximum inspiration within a limited spatial area.

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Wanda Michelle Interiors Hospitality

Camps Bay: Langaro Wellness Space and Lifestyle Centre

The overall design and décor project at Langaro Wellness Space and Lifestyle Centre is one we won’t forget. Our goal was to create a space which would not only pamper your mind and body but also soothe your soul. Achieving what the client envisaged, we made use of a natural colour palette to ensure a soothing and calm environment. Throughout Langaro, we made use of bold pieces and visual accents to bring out the sheer beauty of this centre.

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Elements are flow, comfortable living and making the environment more functional and practical.

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