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A beautiful Cape Town family-trust office project that reflects the owner’s unique style and understated elegance.

Wanda Michelle Interiors ASPIRE INVESTMENTS

Reception Interior

The reception area for any establishment is crucial, as this is where clients form their first impressions. Reflecting the level of transparency with clients, the owner at Aspire Investments wanted this space to reflect this attitude to transparency. Incorporating ample glass in conjunction with the wooden walls allowed for a natural and calming feel to the space.
Wanda Michelle Interiors ASPIRE INVESTMENTS

Lounge Interior

The lounge interior consisted of a natural palette. This was finished off with a few shades of grey. We wanted to capitalize on the view from the lounge area, and by making it the focal point, clients could also enjoy it. This modern space consists of hand-crafted, bespoke furniture.
Wanda Michelle Interiors ASPIRE INVESTMENTS

Boardroom Interior

The natural palette is carried through in the boardrooms where the boardroom table, flooring and walls are all-natural shades. An atmosphere of comfort is brought to the boardroom through the use of wood finishes. Bringing in the owner’s personal feel, the hand-selected investment art has been carefully placed on the wall to give the room depth and to add personality.
Wanda Michelle Interiors ASPIRE INVESTMENTS

Office Interior

We wanted to make this space feel as inviting as possible, as the owner was going to spend the majority of his time in this office. We carried the wood and natural theme right through to the office. The custom desk has been made from glass and is complemented by its wooden desk frame and shelving. To give the office more depth, we opted to make use of uniquely styled chairs.

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Clean, smooth finishes are complemented by soft mood-setting elements in this magnificent office


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