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This project gave us the opportunity to interact closely with the architect to transform small spaces into high-end luxury apartments.

Wanda Michelle Interiors POLO FIELDS

Compact Living in a Luxury Space

The client wanted a space that is modern and breathable, yet thoroughly indulgent, and that’s what we delivered. It was a fun project that delivered the opportunity to use strong lines in a limited space, allowing us to give each room a modernist and upmarket expression.

We did this through using colors that blend and harmonize in each space quite beautifully. A glass-covered en-suite in the bedroom helped us to optimize the space available while creating a stark modern look and feel with this approach. We also embraced subtle colors, strong lines and different shapes, to break each room off from the other, while also making sure the space created the illusion of flow.

Wanda Michelle Interiors POLO FIELDS

A Sleek Approach to Modern Living

This design was evidence that compact living doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the quality of your living space. Instead, through the use of beautiful geometric patterns and luxurious fabrics, we were able to make rooms seem more spacious than they actually were, and help the client feel like they’re living in a larger, more open space.

With fine finishes and subtle nods to modern architecture, we delivered a space that keeps in line with the overall timeless expression and opulence our client was after. Ultimately, the design delivered an absolutely inviting space that acts as a refuge from the humdrum of modern living.

We wanted this project to deliver a unique statement of comfort living with minimalist design, and that’s exactly what we delivered. Let us help you bring your space to life with a modern approach to interior design.

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Utilising strong lines within a limited space gives each room a very upmarket and modern expression.


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