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Dining Room Interior

We were intent on designing a clutter-free space that reflected the client’s love of clean, simple lines.

Wanda Michelle Interiors OAK WOOD

Modern. Vibrant. Elegance

This project was another favourite as we worked closely with the client to create a highly personalized clutter-free space. Creating a home which was versatile, functional and manageable was the focal point for this project. The client wanted the space to look like it was lived in. In order to create uniformity, we went with a neutral colour palette that was stylish and sleek, consisting of platinum’s, copper and pewter tones. To bring in the modern accents, we made use of splashes of aqua green and included personalized bespoke wallpaper.
Wanda Michelle Interiors OAK WOOD

Bringing elegance to the master bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary and we wanted to preserve this for our client. To keep that relaxing feeling we ensured we carried the colour scheme through all the way to the bedroom. The different textures and shades of beige and white give the room depth. The focal point of the room has got to be the ceiling high button-pressed headboard. Not only does this absorb sound in the room, but it will also act as an insulation layer, keeping warmth in the room. What better way to maximize the space in your master suite than by adding a small seating area? If you’re ready to retire to your room for the night, but not quite ready for bed, this is the perfect space for you to do so.
Wanda Michelle Interiors OAK WOOD

Simplicity is key when it comes to your kitchen

In the kitchen, we created a bold statement by having the darker shade of wood for the cabinets. To complement this, we made use of off-white countertops, going with a similar colour for the walls. We ensured that our client had sufficient storage space so that no appliances had to stand out. The flow of the house is flawless and adjacent to the kitchen is the dining area. Creating a space which is versatile and functional, we installed storage in the back wall as well as the wall unit. To bring the room together, we matched the dining room chairs to the wallpaper.

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To create uniformity, we used a neutral colour palette that included platinum, copper and pewter tones with splashes of aqua green to create modern accents.


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