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Patio Interior design and decor

We were so inspired by the sheer elegance of this space, that we wanted to design an aesthetic that mirrored the exquisite detail of the architecture.

Wanda Michelle Interiors MOUNT STREET

Mount Street Residential Interior Design Project

Reflecting the opulence and elegance of this exclusive client for the Mount Street Project, we used a neutral palette throughout their home with a host of custom wallpapers and sophisticated fabrics. The finishes consisted of wood and leather. The regal feel is created by using opulent fabrics, oversized furniture and rugs, as well as cushions with geometric patterns. This project is every entertainer’s dream. With this open plan home, you can take full advantage of the space.
Wanda Michelle Interiors MOUNT STREET

The open plan dining area

The indoor dining area offers fantastic potential, thanks to the open feel of the area. Keeping the neutral palette in this space, both the television area and kitchen area complement this space. To add dimension to the room, a geometric patterned carpet has been strategically placed in the dining area. We wanted to bring some colour into the room so we opted for rose gold crockery. Who wouldn’t enjoy dinner with a view? The dinner table has been placed opposite the large glass sliding door, allowing our clients to enjoy this feature from multiple spaces.
Wanda Michelle Interiors MOUNT STREET

Bringing nature into the home

As part of the makeover, we wanted to bring an element of outside into the home. There’s nothing better than being able to take a deep breath of fresh air, and what better way to do this than in your own home. We extended the outdoor entertainment area and created a rock water feature with the pool. We installed a large clear skylight to ensure we don’t lose any of the natural light that keeps this area warm.

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Using a neutral palette, soft furnishings, custom wallpapers and elegant fabrics with glamorous wood and leather finishes; we made sure that the look and feel ran throughout all the spaces, to create a single minded and coherent experience.

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