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A house that beckons you with a warm yet thoroughly modern embrace – that’s the best way to describe this project in Hyde Park.

Wanda Michelle Interiors HYDE PARK

Interior Residential Design Project

What do you expect from a modern interior? Stripped down aesthetics, sleek lines and classic textures? These are only a few of the ideas used in this Hyde Park interior design. Smooth shapes round out the contemporary designs, to produce a relaxing home-chic environment where you can relax and unwind.

Although the emphasis is placed on stylish elegance, there are comfort elements in each room to deliver an at-home feeling. Each room is brought together perfectly to deliver a strong, modern design in a uniquely African setting. This is emphasized in the way each area offers a continuous design thread which runs through the entire property.

Wanda Michelle Interiors HYDE PARK

Choose Elegance and Modernism

Modern aesthetics and stylish sophistication don’t need to be mutually exclusive. The Hyde Park residential design is proof of this. Nestled in the corner of Hyde Park in Johannesburg, this residential building consists of an open and spacious design with various outdoor entertainment areas.

It provides many opportunities to exemplify its modern architectural elements. Paired with soft up-lighting, our Hyde Park design gave us great freedom to deliver a starkly African approach to its interior. Sleek marble flooring and softly lighted stairs help bring the design together.

Massive palm trees beckon residents to the outdoor area where they enjoy the fresh approach to African-inspired architecture that never fails to deliver an awe-inspiring punch to the senses. With modern design and furniture pieces spread throughout the multi-story home, one is swallowed up by the sleek brilliance of the interior.

Wanda Michelle Interiors HYDE PARK

A Fresh Approach to African Interiors

We’re always happiest when we deliver designs that are on brief, but sometimes we have the opportunity to reach for the stars, and this is exactly what Hyde Park allowed us to do. It’s just one example of what can be achieved when vision meets expertise.

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Sleek, elegant, classic textures and shapes are used throughout the various spaces we created. This was another successful turnkey project that allowed us to fulfil the client’s vision, seamlessly.

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