Wanda Michelle Interiors Projects

Exclusive Residential

Together we develop a specific concept for each residential project we undertake, informed by your vision for your home. Our team specializes in turnkey projects and sees each one through, from conception to completion. We also collaborate closely with everyone involved in the construction and design process.

This allows us to achieve maximum synergy of experience and expertise with specialists in their respective fields. Let us bring your vision for a modern and comfortable residential space to life with our streamlined and exclusive residential design process.


Wanda Michelle Interiors Projects

Executive Spaces

The modern executive needs a space that’s both functional and comfortable. We achieve this by leaning on the expertise of our diverse team and associated experts in their respective fields.

This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your project is carried through from start to execution by a seasoned team of design professionals. Let us help you take your executive space to the next level, with opulent and modern furnishings, and the latest design trends.


Wanda Michelle Interiors Projects

Luxury Hospitality

Make a lasting impression on your guests and patrons with a luxurious hospitality experience that starts from the moment they enter your premises. Our luxury hospitality designers bring with them decades of combined expertise in this field, bringing passion and design innovation to the forefront in guiding you to the sheer luxury you envision for your guests.


Why Us?

We’re proud to design warm, personal and unique spaces that are in harmony with the architecture. All projects and designs are executed based on the lifestyle and wishes of the client, achieved through in-depth consultations with you to create a storyboard of what your vision will become.

Through our extensive experience, informed by our well-travelled team, we’re able to meet and fulfill all aspects of interior design, whether for residential, executive or hospitality spaces.

Inspired by a symbiosis of architecture, nature and art, we deliver interiors that are timeless, sophisticated and exclusive, all of which are a measure of our signature style. We’re at the ready to guide you in taking your interiors and exteriors to the next level, bringing your lifestyle and taste into complete harmony in the space our team will deliver.

Function meets comfort in beautifully modern and purposeful spaces, designed around your unique requirements, whether in your home or business. Speak to our team today to find out much more about us and what we can do for you and your spaces.