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Make Room For Kids

bright cushions and furniture

Make Room for Kids

Having children is a big responsibility. Sometimes just getting them dressed and fed properly can seem like a series of physical, emotional and mental challenges beyond anything that reality TV shows dish up to contestants. Survivor? The Amazing Race? Child’s play (ironic pun intended)!

So, don’t let designing their rooms be cause for further headaches. Here we look at minimising fuss and mess as well as making kids’ rooms fun while maintaining balance with the rest of your home.


With a few exceptions, kids are really messy. This is a natural outcome of their curiosity and learn-by-play approach to the world. Coupled with a still-to-be-developed sense of responsibility, this can often mean little disaster areas in bedrooms. The trick here is not to stop the mess or discourage play, but rather to make mop-up operations easier. Pay careful attention to the ease and amount of storage you provide.

Large toy boxes and adequate cupboard space help ensure the mess is (at least some of the time) hidden. Boxes with lids are neat and simple but open containers perhaps make it easier for kids themselves to clean up after play – even if that’s mostly psychological. You can actually gamify the very process through awarding mini-rewards and badges – a strong emerging trend in learning.

Below you can see how the designers have used a number of open boxes and shelves to make both play and storage easier. The last picture shows how you can use a box on wheels under the bed for another convenient storage option.

convenient storage option


Kids also generally like bright colours. Depending on their favourites, this can sometimes be tricky if you’re trying to keep a décor theme within your home. It can be important to remember that bedrooms should be as serene and peaceful as possible. Try to keep most of the palette neutral and then accessorise with layered blankets and throws and bright cushions and furniture.

bright cushions and furniture


Try to let the room reflect your child’s personality and let them give you input when you’re deciding on design features. Younger kids tend to enjoy lots of stimulation. Bunk beds and ladders are fun, as are slides and castles:

imagination you can turn bedroom cupboardsimagination you can turn bedroom cupboards

With a little imagination you can turn bedroom cupboards, beds and other furniture into elements of a captivating world. Think Lego-land, Mine Craft and Harry Potter among thousands of possible themes.

As children get older though, they may prefer a simpler statement of who they are. And if they’re like most millennials and Generation Z-ers, they’ll probably spend a lot more time in their rooms behind computers and on smart-phones. It then makes sense to provide an ergonomic work space for your child – and hopefully they’ll even be motivated to put some study-time in.

Despite being more subdued in design terms, the room can still reflect their likes and interests.

child’s room into a (fairly)

With a little careful negotiation and planning, you can make every child’s room into a (fairly) neat, fun and peaceful space. Done well, kids’ bedrooms reflect both the little person who sleeps in them and the overall feel of your home.

Now, just to get those little ones dressed and fed again. While you take care of that, let the team at Wanda Michelle Interiors lighten the load by taking care of renovating your children’s rooms to create the space that’s tailor made just for them.


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