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Keep It Natural With Nature

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Keep it Natural with Nature

There’s something unique about making use of natural materials within your home. Materials including bamboo, wood, granite, marble and other natural stones are just a few of the elements of nature you can incorporate into your home in a modern and sophisticated manner.

Not only can these materials be used to build an entire home, but they can also become decorative pieces and focal points. If you’re considering giving your home a makeover to incorporate more natural elements, here’s ways in which you’ll achieve just that:


Marble and granite will give your home a sense of elegance. With its everlasting appeal and durability, it will remain stylish and never become outdated.

The natural feel of the marble provides the perfect opportunity to keep the base of your colour scheme natural with shades of beige, browns and greys. As this is where you and your family are likely to spend the majority of your time, you’ll enjoy the tranquility and elegance created.

Ways in which you can incorporate natural stone into your home is through the creation of the base for your TV unit or even the fireplace. Your coffee tables could also be designed using marble or granite partially as the table tops, legs, or as the entire table.


Waterfall Country Estate

What better way to fully take in of the finest natural materials on offer on your veranda? The beauty of making use of wooden furniture is having the ability to keep it as close to its natural state as you wish.

This can be achieved by either using the wood in its natural finish or staining the wood with in a color of your choice. As your veranda is exposed for the most part, you’ll need to ensure proper pre-treatment and regular maintenance.


Bamboo Interior

Bamboo and cane can be used to create an ever-fresh ambiance within any room and provides the opportunity to bring the outside in. From lamp shades to outdoor furniture, this sturdy and hard-wearing materials can be used not only for decorative pieces, but also for entire furniture pieces.

In either it’s natural colour or coated in a colour of your choice, combined with wooden tops or decks, cane and bamboo is a great finishing touch to keeping it natural with nature in your home.

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These are just some ways in which you can incorporate more of nature into your home to keep it as natural as possible. Be sure to reach out to the team at Wanda Michelle Interiors to assist you with designing and decorating your home to be more natural with nature. With their combined years of experience within the industry, they’ll be sure to take capture your natural vision and make it come to life with some of nature’s best materials.


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