Wanda Michelle Interiors How To Improve The Décor of Your Living Room

How To Improve The Décor of Your Living Room

With the holiday season just around the corner, we will all soon have guests popping by. Our living rooms will once again play host to our friends and families. As an interior design agency, our philosophy is to help our clients create elegant living rooms without compromising comfort.

Q – How do you tell if a couch will be comfortable?

A – It’s not just about the fabric and feel of the couch; true comfort starts with the proportions. The average sofa has a seat of at least 60 cm, which is plenty of room for long legs, and it’s all right for shorter people to tuck theirs under. But the dimensions of seats do vary, so if you’re on the fence between two styles, definitely try out different options to get a feel for their comfort. Most seats are 45 to 50 cm high on average. There’s no right or wrong height. 

Q Do I really need a coffee table in my living room?

A living room without a coffee table is a lot like a supermodel without lipstick, undone. There are many reasons why a coffee table is necessary. Besides completing a look, they provide storage and display options. If you’re struggling to get your head around what’s best for your living room, start with functionality. 

What’s the primary purpose of a coffee table in your living room? Will you need storage or decorative appeal? For convenience, make sure your table can hold drinks and snack plates. If you want your table to be more decorative, find one with lines and texture in the material of your choice. 

Q – How can I make my living room feel cosier?

A – The natural beauty of wood is perfect for times when you need to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Natural wood in a living room can not only serve as a decorative or functional feature, but it can provide balance by adding texture and warmth. It has an organic quality that evokes nature and brings a cosy, unfussy feel to a contemporary space. 

If you have a fireplace, let it do the hero work. A fireplace conveys cosiness, so when designing your space, center it around the fireplace. Carefully curate the accessories and artwork surrounding it to draw the eye in.

Wanda Michelle Interiors How To Improve The Décor of Your Living Room

Q – Are there any quick tips to refresh the look of my living room?

A – A neutral slipcover for your sofa or chairs is an inexpensive way to give your space a clean, blank slate for decorating. Layer pillows of different colours and sizes for a head-turning look. 

For a quick living room refresh, rearrange your bookshelves. Group similar colours and line them up in a loose symmetry. You can also organise books by colour or present collections in groups of three. 

When it comes to warmth and texture in a space, Wanda-Michelle Interiors has got you covered. With nearly 20 years of experience and a signature style that has made us renowned locally and internationally, we are the creative go-to interior designers for living rooms everywhere.


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