Wanda Michelle Interiors Getting the balance right between natural & artificial lighting in your home

Getting the balance right between natural & artificial lighting in your home

It’s well-documented that lighting, whether in the home or office, can have a direct impact on mood, and either uplift or lower the energy of the room itself. This makes it well worthwhile to investigate lighting from all angles before you commit to any at the start of a home renovation project.

If you don’t have to do it alone, then working in creative conjunction with top SA interior designers Wanda-Michelle Interiors in Johannesburg, will make getting the balance between natural and artificial lighting an exciting, inspiring experience, getting it right from the get-go.

There are many facets to consider when it comes to lighting, including:

Lighting artwork up

Bringing light to dead corners

Dropped or raised ceiling light fittings

Recessed lighting

Art-inspired light fittings and chandeliers

Creating cosy corners

Lighting to set the mood for sleep, relaxation or entertainment

Wherever there is a possibility to combine natural with artificial lighting, take it to the maximum. The results can be truly spectacular when both flow, one to the other, feeding off each other and bringing to life any room dressed up with beautiful interior decor and custom furniture.

Add the glow of a fireplace to the overall image and you have stunning combination of light as you can see in the image below!

Wanda Michelle Interiors Getting the balance right between natural & artificial lighting in your home

The craftsmanship of a custom made chair placed perfectly in a corner loses its lustre without the right lighting, but, put the right spotlight on it, and it becomes a work of art and not just a bespoke chair huddling in the corner!

It’s easy to get lost in fiddling with layouts and going in search of furniture you love at the start of your project, placing lighting in the background as an afterthought. However, one of the first things the passionate team of experienced interior designers at Wanda-Michelle Interiors in Johannesburg will tell you, from experience, is that lighting belongs right up front with the rest to begin with.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the right lighting is one of the most important ingredients to transforming any space from ordinary to spectacular!

It’s all about layering the lighting wherever possible:

You’re going to need lights that’ll work for tasks, depending on what the space will be used for.

Consider that in your kitchen you are going need perfect light to create the gourmet meals you love serving to guests. The magic is created by adding a warm ambience, generated by a balance of recessed lighting and hanging lights over a central kitchen island, to make time spent in the kitchen an inspiring experience, rather than a drudge.

Next is to focus on adding the right overhead lighting to create ambiance. For instance, a beautiful centrepiece light above a dining room table can transform any dinner into a sensory experience, one that makes it impossible to do anything but linger at the table, long before anyone even considers heading for the comfort of couches and cognac.

Lighting in the bedroom, or in the bathroom, needs to be designed around the ultimate in luxurious relaxation at the end of fast-paced days, which means that over and above divine interior decor, the lighting needs to suit your idea of completely indulging all your senses.

Another lighting point to consider in the bathroom is that of unflattering light above and around a mirror that doesn’t give you an inspired start to begin the ritual of applying makeup! This is common mistake made when it comes to using recessed lighting above bathroom mirrors, shedding shadows that really shouldn’t be there to start or end your day!

Accent lighting for feature walls and art is essential to complete the picture of layered lighting that gives any space life. A painting lovingly collected deserves equally aesthetic lighting to bring all it’s rich colours and shading into relief for all to soak up.

Objets de art and sculptures in corners, or as central pieces, deserve the same treatment in terms of lighting or they lose their luminosity. The right lighting can make even the simplest sculpture extraordinary, adding essence that would otherwise be lost.

The Polofields Project:

Wanda-Michelle Interiors worked their magic with this small apartment project at Polofields. Given the brief to create detailed and elegant interior design and decor that would transform the apartment completely, the team produced a result that speaks for itself in this image.

One-of-a-kind overhead lights, a corner tastefully lit by the perfect standing lamp and natural light flowing in, created a stunning space meant for comfort and luxury, without a doubt.

Wanda Michelle Interiors Getting the balance right between natural & artificial lighting in your home

The Mount Street Project:

As a full turnkey renovation, design and decor project, Wanda-Michelle Interiors created a sumptuous, regal atmosphere fit for royalty below. The use of rich textures in luxurious fabrics, oversized furniture given a modern facelift through the use of geometric patterns carried from rugs to cushions, deserved lighting as rich as the decor.

Recessed ceiling lights on dimmers were added to bring more light when necessary at the end of daylight spilling into the space, and then to dim in perfect synchronicity with a burnished gold standing lamp that is more a work of art than lamp, all in perfect harmony with the central sculpture under a modern chandelier echoing the golden tones of the lamp.

Wanda Michelle Interiors Getting the balance right between natural & artificial lighting in your home

If what you is a castle of comfort and luxury you can retreat to and never want to leave, invite the passionate, creative team from Wanda-Michelle Interiors bring interior design and home decor innovation extraordinaire into your home!.

After seventeen years in the industry, the unique Wanda-Michelle Interiors signature style of adding polish, style, warmth, flow and versatility to every brief has earned this team a reputation that requires little introduction on the local and international stage, which remains uncompromising where it comes to bringing the dreams of beautiful homes to life.