Wanda Michelle Interiors All the right reasons for indulging in a luxuriously comfortable lounge

All the right reasons for indulging in a luxuriously comfortable lounge

The way we enjoy the comfort of our lounge is important, it’s the heartbeat of your home, but it’s also the place that welcomes friends and family in such a warm way that prolonging a visit is non-negotiable.


You want your lounge to say ‘come in, sit down, let your hair down and relax, you’re welcome’ but to do this you’ll want to add your own personal touches that express your personality and that of your creativity.


Of course, if you don’t feel that you have that creative flair, then you can lay your idea of the perfect lounge in the hands of the interior designers at Wanda-Michelle Interiors, and let them create the lounge of your dreams.


The lounge is where friends and family connect over long lunches or linger over conversations before and after the party, while the music in the background and the lighting create an ambience that can turn strangers into friends.


These are just a few of the reasons that make indulging in a sumptuously comfortable lounge essential, of course there are many more, but we’ll leave that to your imagination according to your lifestyle.


Wanda Michelle Interiors All the right reasons for indulging in a luxuriously comfortable lounge


The only way to start off is to make sure that you have a sofa that’ll look great, scream comfort and last in terms of trends that come and go. The point of designing a lounge you love is to make sure that all that it represents, from furniture to art and lighting is sheer quality, making it an investment that can last a lifetime quite comfortably.


What qualifies as an innovative, unique lounge designed to last far beyond trends? The sofa, naturally!


A few points to consider when choosing a sofa:


Whether you’re going to go in for bespoke handmade sofas, knock-offs that look great (but mostly aren’t), modular lounge suites or any other form of sofa out there, there are a few practicalities to consider, such as:


The frame


Although pine is one of the most commonly used frames, its never going to last as long as woods such as ash, oak, cherry, maple and others that are hardwood.

This hardwood is far better if you’re looking for a frame that will last for years. What is also important is that you choose kiln-dried wood, as these last longer than those that are air-dried.


Sofa cushioning


This is where comfort that lasts is going to depend on what type of cushioning you choose, and what type of spring will work best with it for comfort that lasts. You could look into pocket springs which will still give that firm bounce you’ll need as time goes by.


Sofa fabric


Whether you have kids or not, dogs and cats and all the rest or not, selecting the fabric for your sofa very carefully is vital. Making sure that the fabric can handle the little accidents that leave crumbs and spills behind is essential, as well as ensuring that you can remove the covers for washing.

Choosing a colour that will only need cosmetic updating according to throws, cushions and other accessories is going to be a good idea.


Sofa depth


The depth of the cushioning and types of materials used are what add up to the joy of your lounge. The inside seat depth, which is measure from the front to back of the seat, is important for comfort. You’ll know the right depth when you test a sofa out, even if it’s still in the design phase.


Besides which, the team at Wanda-Michelle Interiors has eighteen years of experience to bring to the table when it comes to getting sofas just right!


In general, the depth for sitting comfortably on a couch generally ranges from 50 to 60 centimetres.


The comfort test


If your lounge looks beautiful but isn’t comfortable, you can be your bottom dollar that it will become nothing but a showpiece that doesn’t have that welcoming feeling! Your lounge is the second place, after your bedroom that allows you sheer comfort while escaping from a busy world, curling up with your favourite movie or book; approach it that way and you’ll have a lounge you’ll really live in!


Wanda Michelle Interiors All the right reasons for indulging in a luxuriously comfortable lounge


Transformations according to your mood


The idea of choosing timeless colours for your sofa is that you can change and rearrange it to give it new life as many times as you’d like to. All it takes to transform your luxuriously comfortable lounge is to fill your cupboards with a collection of beautifully soft throws in all your favourite colours, to use at your whim.


These throws aren’t just used to transform your living space, they also double as the perfect companion for chilly evenings or afternoon naps.


Wanda Michelle Interiors All the right reasons for indulging in a luxuriously comfortable lounge


Scatter cushions


Cushions belong in the lounge, as much as throws do, in fact they’re an essential ingredient to comfort and as a means to mix and match with the throws you use to transform your beautiful living space, whether it’s weekly, monthly or seasonally!


They’re called scatter cushions with good reason; they need to have a place to pile up in style and there’s no better place than on comfy couches!


The sofa as the centrepiece to décor


Much like a beautiful carpet, ideas for the rest of the living space décor can be pulled together from the colour or pattern chosen for your couch. This is especially true with a feature couch as it lends itself to becoming the spotlight that can frame simpler accessories, such as a bespoke vase filled with fresh flowers, a stunningly simple coffee table and more.


As you can see in the image below, Wanda-Michelle Interiors used the two feature lounge seats to create a beautifully simple balance of colour, calm and peace.


Wanda Michelle Interiors All the right reasons for indulging in a luxuriously comfortable lounge


Let Wanda-Michelle Interiors loose in your living space!


Having seen just a few examples of lounges and living spaces created by the innovative team of interior designers at Wanda-Michelle Interiors, there’s no doubt that you’re looking at your lounge through new eyes, which means that their talented touch is all you need to transform your living space into a second bedroom, in style!


In the eighteen plus years that Wanda-Michelle Interiors has caused ripples with their interior design in South Africa and Internationally, whether you bring this team in to take on a full turnkey project for you or to transform an exterior or interior space the results will be the same; stunning, luxurious, tasteful and timeless!