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5 Ways To Improve The Look of a Living Room

Our living rooms are the heart of the home. It’s the space where we connect with our family. So, you want yours to be comfortable, with the right amount of detail to reflect your family’s personality.

Follow these tips to transform the look of your living room:


#1 Play With Wallpaper

Like make-up, wallpaper can transform the look and feel by playing tricks on light and creating illusions. For example, if your living room is small, install wallpaper on one wall, ensuring it is in a dark shade. This tricks the eye into making the room feel bigger by pushing the boundaries of the walls.  

#2 Define The Space With Rugs

The sofas in the living room are the heroes of the space. It can be a challenge to arrange them with other chairs in a format that feels right, which is how a rug placed under them can help. You want to make the sofa, chairs, and coffee table appear like they are part of one unit – a space within the living room defined by the rug. Bonus, you add warmth to the room by adding this new texture. 

By clarifying the seating space, you automatically open up “micro” zones within the room too, making decorating them more manageable. For example, the “passage” between the sofa and wall becomes an ideal gallery space.


#3 Rethink Your Walls

Artwork is a wonderful addition to any room, but they can be a bit lost in a living room. Instead, hanging shelves add depth, interest and spaces to display the unique pieces you’ve collected over the years and hold memories for you. Think shells, special pottery, vases, and picture frames of your loved ones.  

Lounge Interior design

A common trick that decorators use is to collect items together to tell “stories”. So, pieces may be partnered with others according to their similar colour tones, or type. “Curating” the pieces you place on the shelves prevents them from looking cluttered. For example, it’s more effective to put picture frames close to one another in a section, rather than spacing them out. 

#4 More Plants Please

Whether it’s hanging or potted plants, introducing greenery to your living room is like a mini makeover. It’s also a subtle and simple way to introduce more colour and texture to the space through the choice of pots. 

Floor plants can be used to make better sense of empty corners if the room is a large one. If you’re not blessed with green thumbs, succulents are equally rewarding from a design perspective. 

#5 Load Up The Lighting

Blankets, throws and cushions are all ways to make a living room feel cosier and inviting. Before you layer the room with these, relook your lighting. “Layering” lighting is the more effective way of transforming the ambience. 

You want a mix of the following types of lighting: 

  • Ambient lighting – this is your essential ceiling lighting or natural light from outside. 
  • Task lighting – lamps.
  • Accent lighting – such as sconces and pendants, which add ambience. 

Adding warmth and texture to a space such as a living room is a hallmark of the work of Wanda-Michelle Interiors. With nearly 20 years of working with clients to help realise their dreams for their homes, the team is renowned locally and internationally for its signature style.