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5 Best Ideas for Dining Room Lighting

When you’re at home, enjoying a meal with family or friends, the dining room is a special place for making memories. With lighting that creates the perfect mood, it’s an inviting space to be in. So, where do you start to make yours a place people love to gather?

Let’s look at some of our favourite tips and ideas for dining room lighting that may help you illuminate the space. 

Whether your dining space is in a separate room or one with an open-plan layout, the mealtime focus will always be the dining table. Hanging lighting directly above creates a focal point and also provides practical lighting for the room. 

Pendant lights are perfect for dining rooms. They add a statement and make a feature while also serving as an additional source of lighting. If the room’s sole purpose is dining, we are big believers in creating a dramatic centerpiece. You can choose between a chandelier or a low-hanging cluster of pendants. This creates a focal point of drama. 

When choosing dining room lighting, make sure you think about the shape and style of the table. For round or square tables, consider a centrally-positioned pendant. Or a directional chandelier with one or multiple light sources. 

When tables are long and rectangular, they require light to cover their length. Instead of a singular chandelier, opt for a linear chandelier with multiple light sources at its center. For a more playful vibe, use different shapes and colours on the pendants. The result will be a room that is filled with personality. 

Being a functional space, it can be a challenge to add textures to a dining room. But lighting is a great way to balance the area. A classic design from the past is rattan pendants which work with modern or vintage styles. Choose shades that both look good and will disperse the light. 

Pendants are a vital part of dining room lighting but don’t forget the humble floor lamp. It also contributes illumination to the edges of the room where pendant lights might not reach. So, it ensures that your room’s lighting is coming from all sides for a more even effect. Layering, or using different sources at different levels, is key in any good lighting scheme. 

Floor lamps can be used for more than just task lighting. They can be used as accent lighting to highlight a piece of furniture or as flexible task lighting should you need to move around the light source.

Wanda Michelle Interiors 5 Best Ideas for Dining Room Lighting

Looking at the dining room as a whole, consider LED lights within the storage, wall lighting, or spotlights. They can all be used to accentuate pictures on your walls and decor. 

Lighting for a dining room is always about creating a warm glow around the dining table. It should be dimmable to create a different mood, and you should light the rest of the room minimally. To get the feel right to avoid lighting the ceiling too brightly. 

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